Ok, let’s explain this image..

It is not on hierarchical order except for the Thin Blood thing (couldn’t lose the joke ;D)

The Ventrue make the decisions, the Malkavians listen more than they wanted to.

The Brujah and the Gangrel represent strength, they both move the Camarilla in a certain way.

The Tremere actually do the dirty work. They handle with a lot problems and decisions when the Ventrue are to worried about their gain of money and power..

The Toreador are the guts and genitals. They fill the Vampire society with their passion for art and mortals, giving it a different perception of the living world.

The Nosferatu stay in this lower place because of their disgusting appearence, what makes some other clans hate them, but they also are in a very important region because of their knowledge and webs.